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Engage your users with our tested & excellent quiz based solution while you can give them in-app tokens.

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What is Qureka Quiz Bytes?

Qureka Quiz Bytes is a unique and differentiated Quiz based solution specifically designed for the Gaming apps community / Gaming publishers.

  • Qureka Quiz Bytes helps H5/gaming apps to give virtual in-app reward to users for playing a short quiz
  • Users can use in-app currency for additional life, on level up, to open hints, to change avatars, unlock weapons or powers, etc. in a game
  • Qureka Quiz Bytes makes product gaming experience more enriched and encompassing
  • Additional & incremental revenue for publishers
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How does Qureka Quiz Bytes work for publishers?

Give placements to Qureka Quiz Bytes in your gaming app

Follow easy & quick steps to integrate the solution (No SDK required)

User plays a mini quiz with 2 interesting questions

Upon completion, user comes back to the original app on exiting from Qureka Quiz Bytes

At the same time, parent app gets the event of quiz completion through our post back mechanism

After getting the post back, your app can assign virtual reward/in-app currency to the user

Are all publishers eligible for Qureka Quiz Bytes?

The answer is No.

  • The solution is for app developers in the gaming segment.
  • App should be available on the Playstore
  • App must have in-app ads or in-app purchases as monetization strategies
  • Apps with no cash-in or cash-out or no cash reward or incentives to the user at any point in the app are only eligible for Qureka Quiz Bytes signup

How will your users benefit from Qureka Quiz Bytes?

Quizzes are highly engaging, absolutely refreshing & new format for the users to interact in app reward

Every time user wants to avail the in-app reward, they get to play interesting quizzes

Easiest & fastest way to earn in-app reward

Grow Your App Engagement & While You Monetize Too With Qureka Quiz Bytes

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